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Missional Community Groups at COTA are the primary way we seek to live our mission to make disciples by loving one another, and loving and serving our neighbors. 

The best way to start to understand the idea of MCG is to think of the way a healthy family operates. We share our lives together, caring for, and spending time together. We get together for celebrations, meals, projects. We stop by and check on one another, meeting needs as they arise. We get a great picture of this in the early church as we read through the book of Acts. They spent much time together, meeting needs as they arose, praying, worshipping, and serving those around them. The most simple way to think about an MCG, is to involve others in your MCG in the regular everyday things you are already doing.

There are currently many groups meeting in various areas surround COTA. To get connected to a missional community group contact:

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