Adult Students

Student ministry


COTA Students exist to encourage 6th -12th graders to live life with Jesus, in community, and on mission.  We use the phrase “Jesus, Community, Mission” as a way to remember this.  The best way to get connected to COTA Students is through our Sunday Breakout Groups and/or one of our monthly Hangouts.




Students fully participate in Sunday Gatherings and serve in a variety of roles on the 1st Sunday of each month. Our desire is for students to see themselves as integral contributors to the life of our church and our Sunday gatherings. On the 2nd and 4th Sundays, our students get together in Breakout Groups.


Students are encouraged to participate in the life of their family’s Missional Community Group. We believe every MCG bears the identity of Family. Therefore, students and children are vital members of their family's MCG. Students are encouraged to get to know the other members of the MCG for mutually beneficial discipleship.


Breakout Groups are the heartbeat of COTA Students. Breakouts are designed to mirror some of the DNA rhythms of our church, but do so in ways tailored to the youth. We intentionally gather this way
to see students connect deeper as they discover truth about Jesus, nurture matters of the heart, and act in obedience to God’s word. We meet on the 2nd and 4Th Sunday every month during the 10:30 service.


Throughout the year we have other events including service opportunities and other activities. July through August, we take a break from our normal rhythms and have a series of fun summer events. In the future, we hope to add a winter retreat and summer camp/trip.


Hangouts are an opportunity for students and mentors to further connect with each while playing games and having fun. We share meals, play games, talk about what is happening in our lives. The primary aim is to establish a sense of community, both to help show students how to connect naturally with other members of the body and to create a sense of trust, so that students can share life honestly and openly with one another. We gather once a month (Typically the 3rd Friday)


Each quarter the COTA Students leadership team publishes the upcoming calendar of regular meetings and events.  If you would like to get information on the upcoming events for COTA Students, reach out to youth director Andy Hall at